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Community Update: July 11, 2022

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One of the powerful things that can happen when you redesign a course for HyFlex delivery is that you develop different teaching approaches that go beyond mere participation mode differences. Your face-to-face teaching often becomes more engaged and interactive because you pay attention to and design for interaction at multiple levels (content, peers, instructor). Since you are probably working hard to incorporate interaction for online students, it is natural that you would also consider how the face-to-face learning experience could be more interactive. 


As well, the content you use to support learning might also become richer, more diverse, and perhaps more culturally relevant for all your students. Since you have to consider content choices for online students in addition to face-to-face students, you may find the opportunity to reconsider some of your existing content choices in light of current emphases on cultural relevancy, the inclusion of underrepresented viewpoints and voices, and more.


Your assessment approach may also change if you are looking for ways to mitigate the challenges of assessment in different modes. One solution to the problem of unequal testing environments is to rely more on "authentic" assessments like projects, presentations, papers, and such. This changes the nature of the assessment experience for students and faculty and can lead to more satisfying learning, better preparation for follow-on courses and careers, and less anxiety for students. Faculty may be more satisfied as they see students demonstrating learning in meaningful ways, even though their process of evaluating their expression understanding may change dramatically.


When we open up our designs for one aspect of significant change - such as participation flexibility, we often end up with better teaching (and better learning) in every area. Have you found this to be true?


Next Gathering Scheduled: August 4, 2022
Topic: Equitable Learning Assessment 


We’ve scheduled our next gathering event (webinar) for August 4, 2022, 11 am – 12:30 pm PDT (GMT/UTC -7) to discuss equitable assessment in HyFlex courses and especially in the various modes of a HyFlex course. What changes when you offer multiple paths for participation? How can we design for an equivalent evaluation of learning in each path? How can we support student self-evaluation in each path? Bring your ideas, issues, and questions to the community discussion. Registration link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/hyflex-learning-community-gathering-august-2022-registration-382090963357


HyFlex "In the News" 


This month I am highlighting several news articles demonstrating the international reach of HyFlex as more institutions find ways to better serve students with flexible and multi-mode (hybrid) opportunities. 


1. "French language centre offers HyFlex course model" published 7/3/22 on the Times of India website: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/thiruvananthapuram/french-language-centre-offers-hyflex-course-model/articleshow/92625627.cms  French language studies offered in India using HyFlex to extend their reach to more students. They found that moving fully online in 2020 allowed them to increase enrollment, and now that they can (and want to) return to face-to-face instruction, they still want (and need) to serve students with online access as well.


2. "(Southern Institute of Technology) SIT HyFlex Introduction Sees Early Successes" published 6/27/22 on the Scoop Independent News (New Zealand) website: https://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/ED2206/S00039/sit-hyflex-introduction-sees-early-success.htm

Initial implementation of HyFlex in a Screen Arts programme (with more launching this summer) is receiving positive reviews and some international attention.


HyFlex Course Design Workshop July 18-26, 2022 - open for registration 

Our last HyFlex Course Design workshop for this summer is happening July 18-26 (M, W, F, M, T) 2022. This fully online workshop is hosted on our own LMS site and consists of five 90-minute synchronous sessions throughout the week, supported by online resources and asynchronous discussion activities each day. Fully asynchronous participation is also supported. Participants can earn up to two HyFlex Learning badges for workshop activities and the completion of all assignments. 

For a full description and the opportunity to enroll, visit https://www.hyflexlearning.org/workshops/  If you'd like information on how to register groups, pay for registration other than with a credit card, or arrange a cohort workshop for your own faculty and designers, please contact us at hyflexlearning@gmail.com.

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