HyFlex Learning Workshops

HyFlex Course Design Workshop

Upcoming Schedule: (July workshop recently added)
June 13-17, 2022; live sessions 9:00 am – 10:30 pm PDT (GMT -7) each day
July 18-26, 2022; Mon 7/18, Wed 7/20, Fri 7/22, Mon 7/25, Tue 7/26. Live sessions 11:00 am – 12:30 pm PDT (GMT -7) each day

HyFlex Course Design WorkshopThe HyFlex Course design workshop helps faculty and instructional designers implement Hybrid-Flexible (HyFlex) instruction in their courses. 

This interactive workshop is available both synchronously and asynchronously. Participants review effective HyFlex design and teaching practices, engage in reflective discussions, and draft an initial HyFlex course design; preparing them, in their own contexts, to:

* Develop a course plan enabling flexible student participation in multiple delivery modes (HyFlex).
* Revise a set of student learning outcomes for at least one HyFlex course.
* Identify existing and needed content resources for at least one course.
* Plan for effective engagement strategies that support meaningful interaction throughout a course.
* Implement effective assessment approaches that work well in all supported instructional modes.
* Plan for evaluating the impact of HyFlex delivery on student participation, achievement, and other organizational goals.

Participants who complete all activities and assignments receive two HyFlex Learning Community achievement badges: HyFlex Fundamentals and HyFlex Planning. (badge information)


The workshop is highly interactive, combining information presentation, synchronous and asynchronous discussion of real-life cases, and reflective application exercises. 

The workshop is hosted in the HyFlex Learning Community’s LMS, and includes five sessions, normally scheduled over a one-week period. Each workshop session begins with an optional 60-90 minute interactive (synchronous online) discussion of workshop session content, accompanied by in-depth information (resources) in the HyFlex Learning LMS, and concludes with application-oriented interaction among participants in an asynchronous discussion forum.

After the final live session, participants complete an application activity that asks them to create an initial plan for their first HyFlex course. Worksheets and sample high-level HyFlx course plans are available to support learners in this exercise. Participants who complete all activities and assignments receive two HyFlex Learning Community achievement badges, HyFlex Fundamentals and HyFlex Planning. (badge information)

After the workshop concludes, content, posted activities (containing the discussions and work of the participants), and all workshop resources remain available to support ongoing implementation and expanded faculty development efforts for a period of one (1) year.

To purchase a seat in one of our upcoming workshops, visit the HyFlex Learning store at https://hyflexlearning.info . Groups of five(5) or more from a single institution receive a discounted price. If you’d like to arrange for a special cohort of participants (such as a localized workshop for your institution), contact us directly:  Contact