What’s in a name?

The term HyFlex is a simple combination of the words hybrid and flexible. There are quite a few other terms that others have used to describe their own localizations of HyFlex, or “Hybrid-Flexible” course designs. On this page, we identify those we are aware of, but we’re certain that this list is incomplete. Please send us updates with this form: [form opens in new tab].

Some institutions use different terms for variation of their approach, especially associated with different combinations of modes offered.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many institutions were unable to provide classroom instruction, and instead offered flexible options for students completely online. Essentially, this creates an “Online Hybrid-Flexible” approach that isn’t normally considered a true “HyFlex” course design because there is no in-person participation option. But with the changing times, perhaps we should consider expanding the HyFlex term to include these approaches as well.

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Term  Institution
(first known reference; may be used by many other institutions currently)
In-person Online Synch-ronous Online Asynch-ronous Links and Comments
HyFlex San Francisco State University x x x 2006; (See the “Hyflex Book“)
Not all HyFlex courses offer both synchronous and asynchronous options.
Online HyFlex or Bichronous San Francisco State University   x x 2020; removed the in-person option from HyFlex classes for 1-2 years in response to COVID-19 pandemic
Peirce Fit Peirce College x x x 2014; https://www.peirce.edu/degrees-programs/ways-to-learn/peirce-fit
Flex-VU Campus Vanguard University – Costa Mesa, Ca x   x


See Hyflex Book Chapter 

Flex-VU Virtual Vanguard University – Costa Mesa, Ca   x x 2020; in response to COVID-19 pandemic
HyFlex University of St. Thomas- Minneapolis/St.Paul, MN x x x 2020; limited in-person optionsin response to COVID-19 pandemic
CoFlex University of St. Thomas- Minneapolis/St.Paul, MN x x   No fully asynchronous option, but significant asynchronous content to replace lecture time
Mixed Mode University of St. Thomas- Minneapolis/St.Paul, MN x and/or x and/or x and/or any combination of modes
Hyflex San Diego Christian College – Santee, Ca x   x


See Hyflex Book Chapter 

ShenFlex Shenandoah University x x x 2020; in response to COVID-19 pandemic
See https://www.su.edu/academics/shenflex/
Multi-options Lewis University x x x 2014
Multi-access Learning University of Victoria x x x 2009
FlexLearning Barry University x x   2020; in response to COVID-19 pandemic
FlexLearning Penn State – Lehigh Valley x x x 2012; program discontinued? https://sites.psu.edu/lvflex/flexlearning-information-for-faculty/
Flexibly Accessible Learning Environment (FALE) University of Georgia x x x 2018; http://ldtglobal.coe.uga.edu/fale/ also refers to a “practically negotiated learning environment (PNLE)” 
Converged Learning Southern Cross University x x x 2012
BlendFlex Central Georgia Technical College x x x 2016
Comodal Laval University x x x 2016
Mode-neutral Edge Hill College of Higher Education x x x 2007 – http://modeneutral.com
Flexible Hybrid University of California Irvine x x x 2014