Can Gen AI be used to support “accidental” asynchronous learners in HyFlex courses?

The HyFlex Learning Community site and blog is full of information, stories and resources that support the development and implementation of HyFlex courses which offer students the flexibility to choose between in-person, synchronous online, and asynchronous online learning modes. However, we have learned over the years that this flexibility can lead to a unique challenge […]

Community learning is not just for students

COVID, COVID, COVID! I was at Tulane when Hurricane Katrina hit. I remember move-in day. We were sending the students home quickly after move-in. We did not know at that time how long the storm disruption would be.  Out of it, many of our institutions adopted delivery strategies that prepared us for COVID-19. Post-COVID, you […]

Introducing The E4 Assessment Framework for HyFlex Courses

INTRODUCTION The E4 framework is not limited to HyFlex teaching and learning. Helping HyFlex teachers was the motivation to create a framework that would guide the creation of dynamic, student-centered assessments instead of static, single, environment assessments. E4 supports HyFlex learning environments in which students may participate in multiple modes online or in-person. The framework […]

HyFlex Moving Through the Hype Cycle pre-2019 to 2024 and beyond

The journey of HyFlex education through the phases of the Gartner Hype Cycle offers a fascinating glimpse into the dynamic interplay between its particular use of technology and the pedagogical innovation driving change. As we explore this progression, we can glean insights into how the implementation of HyFlex in our own institutions might continue to […]

What Value do Students find in a HyFlex Course when Almost Everyone is Online?

co-written (assisted by) ChatGPT (4) During and after the COVID-19 pandemic (2020-2022), many HyFlex instructors found students moving completely or mostly online. Notably, not all HyFlex classes shifted largely online. In many classes, there are compelling reasons for students to attend in person – access to equipment (rather than simulations), proximity to living spaces, convenience […]

Meta-Analysis of HyFlex Education Strategies Long-term Impact (Part 1)

What is HyFlex? If you are reading this post on the HyFlex Learning Community (HLC) website, you probably already know that HyFlex education strategies, the combining of online and onsite learning modalities, continue to gain attention. HyFlex is a strategy or framework that is not limited to classroom technology. When I consider HyFlex, I think pedagogical design and delivery plus the necessary technology to implement it in an equitable way across offered student participation modes. Remember […]

Student Perspectives on Flexibility, Choice, and Equity – the 2023 EDUCAUSE Student Survey Report

EDUCAUSE released the 2023 Students and Technology Report: Flexibility, Choice, and Equity in the Student Experience in August 2023. The report highlights and access to the full report is available at: Almost 2000 students from 10 U.S. institutions of higher learning responded to the survey this year. The introduction to the report sets the […]

The HyFlex Collaborative Conference- Past and Future

The first-ever HyFlex Collaborative Conference, “Designing a Hybrid-Flexible (HyFlex) Future for ALL K-12 Students and Adult Learners,” was held on June 25-26, 2023. In keeping with the spirit of the fundamental HyFlex principles, the conference was delivered asynchronously and synchronously online. All presentations were recorded and made available to participants for up to three months […]

HyFlex on the Horizon

The Horizon Report identifies the trends, key technologies, and practices shaping and significantly impacting postsecondary teaching and learning today by capturing the views of higher education leaders from around the world. HyFlex and flexible learning figured prominently in the newly released 2023 Educause Horizon Report | Teaching and Learning Edition. The terms ‘flexible’ and ‘flexibility’ […]

Bimodal HyFlex – High-touch engagement strategies for when students opt for online

HyFlex is an instructional model that allows students to choose between different modes of learning: in-person, synchronous online (virtual), or asynchronous online. This model has become increasingly popular in recent years, especially since the start of the pandemic, but also in online institutions, as it allows for greater flexibility and customization in the learning experience.  […]