Gathering Archives

This is an archive of the HyFlex Learning Community gatherings (webinars) hosted regularly for community members and others interested in our efforts to build, sustain and improve teaching and learning using HyFlex approaches. If you’d like to suggest a topic for a future gathering to this list, please use this suggestion form.

September 24, 2021(recording link: 60 min)
This month we discussed stategies and tactics to engage with students learning in synchronous modes, classroom and online (webconferencing). So many challenges! And even more great ideas on how to overcome those challlenges and design for effective learning in both synchronous modes. Additional resources: Shared Google doc with notes and resource links | Link to the Mentimeter activity we used in the live session

August 20, 2021 (recording link: 60 min)
This month we explored the Learning Environment Modeling Language (LEML), a graphic-based system used to visually show the structure and flow of a lesson or course and its potential application in the HyFlex course design and evaluation process. Additional resources: Presentation Slides (PDF) | Example LEML diagram for HyFlex unit (simplified)

July 9, 2021 (recording link: 60 min)
This month, we discussed and brainstormed ways we can support students as they make choices about how they’ll participate in their HyFlex courses. What guidance is needed? What are students likely to use? How can the HyFlex Learning Community support site support faculty and designers in developing support resources? Participants ideas, resources and questions as we launched a collaborative effort to create effective and shareable student support resources for the community. Interested in particpating? HyFlex Learning Community members can join in the discussion in the forum focused on the student experience. Additional resources: Presentation Slides | Results from the Mentimeter activity in the webinar | Webinar chat transcript

June 11, 2021 (recording link: 60 min)
Introducing the HyFlex Learning Community ( 60 min) This first gathering focused on exploring, explaining, and discussing the HLC website and the ways we can support each other this year. Particpants shared ideas, questions, and suggestions, during Q&A.