Cover of HyFlex Book

Hybrid-Flexible Course Design: Implementing student-directed hybrid classes

“This book provides readers with strategies, methods, and case stories related to Hybrid-Flexible (HyFlex) course design so that they (you!) may make informed and thoughtful decisions about using it themselves and begin their own HyFlex course (re)design journey.” (from the book welcome)

Published under a CC-BY license, this book is free to access, read, download, revise and republish! If you are just starting your HyFlex journey, this book may become a valuable resource to accompany you along the way.

Beatty, B. J. (2019). Hybrid-Flexible Course Design (1st ed.). EdTech Books.

Read a recent view (April 2021) by Allie Alayan, posted to the AACE Review blog: How to Implement Hyflex Course Design: Book Review