The HyFlex Collaborative Conference- Past and Future

The first-ever HyFlex Collaborative Conference, “Designing a Hybrid-Flexible (HyFlex) Future for ALL K-12 Students and Adult Learners,” was held on June 25-26, 2023. In keeping with the spirit of the fundamental HyFlex principles, the conference was delivered asynchronously and synchronously online. All presentations were recorded and made available to participants for up to three months after the conference – easily accessible in YouTube (follow HyFlex Collaborative). This year’s conference centered around the HyFlex principles of learner choice, equivalency, reusability, and accessibility in teaching and learning, with a multi-faceted focus on higher education, K-12, and professional development. The conference featured several dozen peer-reviewed presentations and conversations with vendor sponsors and offered networking opportunities nationally and internationally.

Keynote Presentation – Dr. Brian Beatty
Watch the presentation (45 min) on YouTube: (Starting at 15:50 min)
Strategies to Mitigate the Challenges of HyFlex Instruction – Kenny Hirschmann and Dr. Gina Riley
Watch the presentation (20 min) on YouTube: (starting point@ 12:30 min)
Hack Your Fear of HyFlex Adoption: Training Wheels Provided – Dr. Jeanne Samuel
Watch the presentation (16 min) on YouTube:

The successful inaugural conference was due to the efforts of the conference planners, who are part of a collaborative team known as HyFlex Collaborative. This team consisted of educators across the United States from AATLAS and the School of Education at the University at Albany (SUNY) and the HyFlex Learning Community dedicated to improving learner access to high-quality and equitable learning using hybrid-flexible learning environments. HyFlex is a model that allows all learners to choose how they participate in their learning, whether in person, virtually, asynchronously, or a combination of all three. This gives the student the flexibility to learn in a way that best suits their needs and preferences. Visit to learn more about the HyFlex Collaborative and the 2024 Conference – “Unleashing Education: Adopting and Adapting HyFlex Flexible Learning for Student Learning.” The call for proposals will be available in late September.

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