Reply To: Classroom Technology at Private Schools v. Public Schools

Brian BeattyBrian Beatty

Hi Catherine, I appreciate reading your perspective on this issue. I think you’ve explained a few very important differences in the experiences of teachers and students comparing public schools to private schools. I’ve taught in both as well, but never during a global pandemic – thank God!

I’m sure there are good examples of both types of schools that experience this differently (access to resources used effectively to support learning online and f2f at the same time) so the generalization of public vs. private is not globally accurate, but I get your point.

The private schools I taught at often had access to a more responsive resources network compared to the public sector. This makes that environment better equipped for quick change, perhaps. That might also be a factor in their comparative successes this past year or two.

I think there has likely been a more consistent desire to return to the classroom in many private schools compared to large public school districts. That was what I was hearing even in Summer 2020, and I think that led to more investment in HyFlex-supporting resources and faculty preparation in the private school sector. It seems that some of the larger public systems are beginning to invest more in supporting flexible learning opportunities since the need for this continues in many areas of the country and in many homes.

Thanks again for bringing this up!