What are the benefits of HyFlex for schools?

Three common benefits are to: 1) serve students unable to attend classes in person (due to a time or location conflict) – increasing access for students and enrollments for schools, 2) schedule large in-person class meetings in smaller rooms – when the participation patterns support this presumption (that not all students will want to participate […]

What are the benefits of HyFlex for faculty?

Faculty often find there are many benefits to teaching a HyFlex course, including increasing enrollment in traditionally under-enrolled classes, providing a rigorous alternative to classroom participation when students are not in class in-person, developing the capacity to teach fully online (possibly in boith synchronous and asynchronous modes) when needed, and supporting the individual participation-related needs […]

What are the benefits of HyFlex for students?

Students find that the ability to choose whether to attend and participate in class session in the classroom or online is very valuable. Even when students are not likely to attend class in person (perhaps they live a long way from campus), they report appreciating the option to attend in person if they want or […]