Welcome to the HyFlex Learning Community! #2

Hello and welcome to the HyFlex Learning Community. We are a community of educators working together to improve student access to high-quality and equitable learning by using Hybrid-Flexible (HyFlex) learning environments. HyFlex learning experiences are available in the classroom or online, and support students in choosing which participation mode is best for them. 

Together, we’re building the Hybrid-Flexible future for our current students and those to come.

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Do you have questions? So do others. Review our Frequently Asked Questions with brief answers. 

Watch and listen to a simple explanation of the HyFlex approach.

Monthly Gathering Online: We’ve scheduled our next gathering event (webinar) for June 23, 8 am – 9:30 am PDT (GMT/UTC -7) to discuss the potential impact that offering HyFlex (hybrid and flexible) courses may have on campus community life. When students are free to choose to attend class in person (on-campus) or online, does this change the campus experience? With legitimate concerns over the reduced social engagement on campuses during the pandemic, and the impact that may be having on school enrollment and class registrations, this is an important question for institutional leadership to consider, and HyFlex practitioners should be part of this discussion. Does a large number of HyFlex courses further reduce on-campus community? Does offering flexible learning solutions to students attract more enrollment? How can we assess the impacts?  Bring your ideas, questions, and comments, and join us live online if you can.

Registration link: https://bit.ly/3HdkSOJ

Watch past webinars: You can review webinar recordings and supplemental resources in the Gathering Archive

HyFlex Learning Design Workshop: Our next workshop is scheduled for June 13-17, 2022. Another summer workshop was recently added for July 18-26 (skipping a few days in this stretch of days). If you are interested in the details, see the HyFlex Learning Workshops page. If you’d like to discuss a custom workshop or a cohort workshop for your institution (with permission to reuse locally) please contact us: Contact

Speaking Engagements: Our experts are available to speak to leadership teams, faculty development groups, or at special events, such as, institutional or system-level meetings, hosted webinars, conference keynotes, and more. For a list of recent presentations, see the Speaking Engagements page. If you are interested in arranging a speaking engagement with one or more of our team members, please complete a Contact request to start our conversation.

Consulting Services: We’re also available for instructional design consultation with individuals or teams working on HyFlex program design, implementation, evaluation, and research. If you are interested in discussing a consultation with one or more of our ID-focused team members, please complete a Contact request to start our conversation.

Mailing List: We provide an email list for those wishing to send messages to others in the HyFlex Learning Community who have signed up for the list. This is a useful tool for us to use to share current news and ask/answer questions in a less formal manner than the discussion forums and blog comments. To subscribe to the list, visit Join our listserv mailing list! to enter your name and email address.

Newsletter: We send out a monthly newsletter with updates on HyFlex in the News, Recent Blog posts, professional development opportunities and general commentary on our current HyFlex experiences. Archived newsletters are available in the “Newsletter Archives” in the Resources menu. To subscribe to receive the newsletter (monthly publishing) via email, use the Newsletter Subscription form in the same Resources menu area.

Forums: We provide discussion forums for our community to share resources, discuss approaches, and ask and answer current questions. Forums are available for HyFlex Learning Community members, so please join with us and make your voice heard! The Forum can be found in the Community menu area. Direct link: https://www.hyflexlearning.org/forum/

Hybrid-Flexible Course Design book: Available free to everyone, “The HyFlex Book” provides an explanation of many aspects of HyFlex course design and implementation and the strategic rationale for this approach. Hosted at EdTechBooks.org, this book has won several industry awards and has been read by hundreds of thousands of teachers, designers, and administrators around the world. The book includes many case studies of HyFlex implementation in a variety of education settings in many countries. Direct link to book: Hybrid-Flexible Course Design

Bibliography of HyFlex Literature: We provide a partial listing of the professional articles, theses, and dissertations that address HyFlex teaching and learning – the ones we know about. This list is updated frequently and provides direct links to entries when possible. Visit the Bibliography in the Resources menu or through this direct link.

Student Support and Design Review “Community Works in Progress”: The HyFlex Learning Community has started two support documents; shared Google docs with open access for editing and download for members. Student choice: How should I participate today? provides suggestions for explaining the HyFlex options you provide and how students can make a good choice among these options that will support their learning. HyFlex Course Quality Review provides suggestions for a supplementary course quality review rubric that can work with your current online course quality review rubric to support a quality assurance process.

Both documents are accessible to community members and are open for editing for continuous development and improvement.

Read more about the team overseeing this community site by visiting the About Us page.

Talk to us! We appreciate hearing your comments and suggestions. Use the Contact form to send those to us, or join the conversation in blog comments or discussion forums.


  • Brian Beatty

    Dr. Brian Beatty is Professor of Instructional Design and Technology in the Department of Equity, Leadership Studies and Instructional Technologies at San Francisco State University. At SFSU, Dr. Beatty pioneered the development and evaluation of the HyFlex course design model for blended learning environments, implementing a “student-directed-hybrid” approach to better support student learning.

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