Reply To: Words of Encouragement for Beginners

Brian BeattyBrian Beatty

David, I’ve found that asking my students what would help them learn better gives me a good list of improvements to make over time. For example, this semester they have been asking for more visible LMS structure around the due dates for assignments so they can better plan their class work. So I’m planning to add an assignment due date table in the LMS and add these dates to the LMS calendar. I don’t use the LMS calendar now (though I know I should) because of the extra time needed to set it up (I don’t use the formal “assignment” tool so dates aren’t automated). And the dates are clear (to me) in the syllabus and in the LMS course sections below. But students want something better for their quick review. So next term, I’ll add this to my courses.

I like it when they give me improvement ideas like this that I wouldn’t have considered on my own.