Words of Encouragement for Beginners

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      Melanie LefebvreMelanie Lefebvre

      1. Connect!! If you’re reading this, you’re already off to a great start. Find out what other educators are doing, ask questions, seek feedback.

      2. Aim for production over perfection. If you wait for things to be “perfect” you might never produce anything. Production generates production.

      3. Be transparent with your students. Let them know HyFlex delivery is new to you and that you are on this journey together.

      4. Elicit feedback from students across all modes of delivery. Find out what’s working and what’s not working as you go rather than waiting until the end of the course. Build flexibility into your curriculum so you can make adjustments as needed. Help empower students to have an active voice in their learning.

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      Jeanne SamuelJeanne Samuel


      I agree with you about not seeking perfection. Often the last 5% takes 95% of my time. In addition, I think that when you share with the students why you are moving to HyFlex — what’s in it for them, they are very patient, forgiving, and helpful while you make adjustments.

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      Brian BeattyBrian Beatty

      Melanie, thank you for your words of wisdom here.

      I found that when I started using HyFlex I had to give myself a lot of grace and be very patient with myself and with the students who were just starting this adventure with me. There were many times I know that my class was not run perfectly – pretty much in every mode. But we always managed to help students meet student learning outcomes and many of them would not have been able to participate had we not offered two or three different participation options for them.

      So for us, good enough design is where we start and then we go on from there to make improvements incrementally over the class duration and as the class is taught from term to term. Incremental, continuous improvement can lead to a very high functioning, high quality course if you are patient šŸ™‚

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      David RhoadsDavid Rhoads

      My recommendation to my faculty echoes your advice, in that I guide them toward a “minimally viable product” (a course that works), and then tell them to make small improvements as they teach and as they move through future terms. I also suggest that they start with only in person and asynchronous attendance choices at the beginning, and then add live online participation only when and if necessary and appropriate for engaging students in the in class activities.

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