Reply To: Designing a HyFlex Course – Supports

Dianna DempseyDianna Dempsey

Received word today that my application for funding to partially develop an online asynchronous version of a course (as the foundation for hyflex) was rejected. Here’s the rationale:

“One item that seemed contradictory was the description of the project as HyFlex but the goal is to create 2 modules of the course in an online, asynchronous format. HyFlex is a synchronous teaching mode delivered in real time both in-person and streamed. There is merit to developing asynchronous content if HRMT 450 is re-designed as hybrid asynchronous.”

How do you all approach further educating those around you that online asynchronous is the foundation for hyflex (which the allows for delivery and participation in all three modalities)? This feedback is coming from an Associate Dean. The reason I could only create 2 modules is because that is all the budget of the funding allowed for… Frustrating.