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      Dianna DempseyDianna Dempsey

      Hi all:

      I’m not sure if this is the appropriate place in the forum for this question, but it is around designing a hyflex course, so I’ll ask it here.

      Our institution has opened a funding opportunity for faculty to apply for related to ‘teaching impact’. We can apply for up to $5000 for projects related to teaching impact and innovation. There are a limited number of funds, so it is a competitive application, and a one time opportunity.

      My question is if you were a faculty member wanting to design a hyflex course for the first time, with limited instructional design knowledge, what would you ask for in terms of using this funding? My brainstorming to date includes engaging the services of an instructional designer to help map out an online asynchronous version of the class as the foundation of hyflex, but are there any other things that folks can think of that may be helpful?

      Any suggestions are welcome!


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      Lance EatonLance Eaton

      One thing that pops into my mind immediately if it’s not available would be a closed-captioning/transcription budget for videos or audio that you make so that you can make them accessible (real closed captioning, not auto-close-captioning/auto-trascription like you see on YouTube).


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        Dianna DempseyDianna Dempsey

        Thanks Lance – that’s a great thing to consider!

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