Reply To: Designing a HyFlex Course – Supports

Brian BeattyBrian Beatty

Kim, this is a good suggestion – defining the term for your audience without assuming they know what HyFlex is, beyond the popular press and its common assumption of simply streaming/recording the live classroom and allowing students to stay home and connect online to the synchronous mode.

I think HyFlex can be done that way but it’s not the way I do it because there is always a need for asynchronous mode with my students. I do have colleagues who emphasize the synchronous options and allow the asynchronous option only for a limited number of “excused” absences from the synchronous experience. On my campus, that’s allowable.

This flexibility in the formal definition I’ve used is problematic in this way, but it also allows for a synchronous-focused start when the time to build the asynchronous path isn’t realistically available. I consider it a compromise, and I hope that as the need for asynchronous becomes more apparent over time, faculty and institutions will follow the need and provide that path also.