Reply To: Words of Encouragement for Beginners

Amanda DeiganAmanda Deigan

As someone who is unfortunately a procrastinator dude to my perfectionist tendencies, this is all such great encouragement to someone who is early in their career in this field. Something I find myself worrying about the following things.

1. Am I teaching (and presenting information) in a way that can accommodate most learners and learning styles?
2. Or, am I teaching (and presenting information) in the way I best learn it and how can I change that to make myself more accommodating instead of expecting students to learn best the way I do.
3. Can I create a space in my classroom that fosters transparency so that if they are having a hard time learning the way I teach, will they be confident enough to explain this to me and tell me what they need from me to learn better.

I do really like the encouragement I have read and it has already helped a bit so thanks for all of that! The piece of advice I enjoyed the most was the one that said to just get something done without trying to make it perfect. I like this because we are all human and though we can come up with really amazing it will never really be perfect because there will always be room for improvement!