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      Brian BeattyBrian Beatty

      Most HyFlex-enabled classrooms include video and audio capture capability to connect a synchronous stream (web conference) for the students. And even when synchronous students are not part of the HyFlex design being used, the audio and video stream from the classroom can be used to capture classroom content for later use by asynchronous students (and all other students as well).

      For those who’ve used audio and video in the classroom for a while, many have found that the audio quality is most important for students, even more so than video quality. When the audio quality for synchronously connected students is poor, they cannot follow the class very well. When the audio being captured in the classroom has gaps or is of low quality, the asynchronous students cannot find much value in listening to the class discussions that have been recorded.

      And perhaps just as important for audio and video from the classroom going out, is the audio and video coming in when screen for the students are part of the classroom experience. Synchronous online students have to be seen and heard for them to engage effectively with other students and with the instructor and with class activities.

      The technologies we use do not have to be complicated or expensive, but they do have to be effective in supporting aural and visual communication channels.

      If you are teaching HyFlex at your school, what do you use?

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