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      Samantha EastmanSamantha Eastman

      Hello, HyFlex Colleagues! I recall an argument that designing for online audiences makes it easier to adapt a course to fit other formats, such as hybrid and hyflex. I’m wondering if this resonates with anyone, and whether anyone can point to resources or citations about it.


      Samantha Eastman, Instructional Designer
      UC, Riverside

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      Brian BeattyBrian Beatty

      Samantha, when I talk about designing for HyFlex, this is the approach I recommend and you’ll probably read that in the Hybrid Flexible Course Design book and other things I’ve written (or in podcasts I’ve done). Other authors also often talk about designing in this direction when the asynchronous path is one of the HyFlex options.

      David Rhoads’ chapter in the HyFlex book explains the approach his institution is taking with a design path like you describe (online asynch design as a resource for all modes). That might be useful to review.


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