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      Dianna DempseyDianna Dempsey

      I’m not sure exactly where to ask this, so I’ll put it here. I recently applied for a grant to partially develop an online, asynchronous version of a course as the foundation for future hyflex delivery. It was rejected on the premise from the Associate Dean that hyflex is ‘only synchronous’ (frustrating), so shouldn’t need asynchronous development. But that’s a separate issue.

      Have any of you ever found funding sources outside of your institution for support in developing online, asynchronous versions of classes? If you have, can you share? Any and all ideas are welcome! Since my institution won’t support me, I need alternatives. Thank you!


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      Brian BeattyBrian Beatty

      Dianna, has your Associate Dean read anything other than the recent news articles about HyFlex? Like anything from the Hybrid-Flexible Course design book, this website, and most of the research from the past 15 years? (Likely no) Sorry to ask, since you focused your questions elsewhere.

      I don’t know of support from outside institutions for developing any kind of course – online or HyFlex. Grants that include HyFlex implementation as part of a larger project would have funds, but not for individual course development.

      Is your school part of a larger system of schools? Sometimes systems have funds if there is an aspect of innovation involved.

      Sorry I can’t offer more suggestions.


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      Dianna DempseyDianna Dempsey

      Thanks, Brian – it is indeed a frustrating situation since the AD in question is the AD of Teaching and Learning… Someone help me.

      I’ve been considering approaching it from a SoTL research perspective and seeing if I can find some funding that way. But I appreciate your suggestion of looking more broadly – we are not per se part of a broader system of schools like you folks in California but I’ll keep hunting for any available sources of development funding at different levels for sure!

      Thanks for the commiseration – it’s been a week!


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