Hyflex for an urban community college

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      Cora LeightonCora Leighton

      Hi Folks, I have been working as the Distance Education Coordinator at an urban community college with a VERY diverse student body. We have started to explore hyflex as a modality due to the flexibility it gives our busy students. I am curious if others here have implemented hyflex in this context and what issues, concerns or ah ha moments came up for you?

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      Brian BeattyBrian Beatty

      Cora, have you seen this recent post from within your system? https://www.asccc.org/content/what-hyflex-and-why-do-i-keep-hearing-about-it Reedley College may not be urban, and it’s diversity may be different than your school’s diversity, but there may be other similarities you can learn from.

      Jeanne Samuel and colleagues wrote one of the first Hybrid-Flexible Course design case study chapters – One Size Fits None (https://edtechbooks.org/hyflex/one-size_fits_none) Their context of a New Orleans community college might be more similar to yours.

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