University Meetings should be Hybrid, not HyFlex

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      Brian BeattyBrian Beatty

      I have learned over this past year that when we try to have meetings (college, department, committee) on campus and provide an online synchronous participation mode, what we end up with should be called a hybrid meeting, not a HyFlex meeting.

      I have three main reasons for this:

      1. HyFlex teaching and learning is a lot more complex than just connecting people in two or more modes in the same event.
      2. When the term HyFlex is being used to describe a legitimate and supported course modality for instruction on campus and then people hear the same term being used for a meeting, they might think that designing and teaching a HyFlex course is as simple as just giving students a link to a class meeting (event) and that’s all that is required. This can be confusing at best and can lead to very poor HyFlex instruction at its worse.
      3. Hybrid meetings on campus tend not to be very interactive across modes because many of the facilitators don’t plan for online participant interaction or engagement across modes. So it’s a bad experience for many, and we shouldn’t connect the term HyFlex with poorly designed experiences like this!

      Has the HyFlex term been used for meetings on your campus? What do you think?

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