What should you evaluate in your HyFlex course or program?

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      Brian BeattyBrian Beatty

      You may feel like evaluating your approach to teaching HyFlex should be evaluated – are you returning some value to your students? program? institution?

      Perhaps the way to begin this conversation with yourself and others is to consider why you were doing HyFlex in the first place. Revisit your initial goals. What values did you try to implement when your were choosing to do HyFlex?

      Your questions driving evaluation should be focused on answering questions like these. You might be looking at student enrollment data. You might be looking at student success, as in retention and grades in your courses. You might just be interested in participation rates in various modes.

      In this topic, let’s ask and answer questions within our community about what you have tried to evaluate. If you found success, please share that here! Do you know of studies that are doing evaluation? Can you share those with us here?

      Thanks (in advance) for joining in.

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