What technology do students need for HyFlex?

In most HyFlex classes students do not have to bring their own computing equipment to classes, unless that is clearly explained as a requirement for participation, like a textbook assignment would be. This happens in some disciplines for some classes (like a digital design program, perhaps), but generally not for the class particpation mode, like […]

How are HyFlex courses communicated by the registrar?

This varies considerably by institution. Some schools have created a new registration code (HyFlex or another name) that reflects the local characteristics of the approach. Sometimes multiple class meeting patterns are used; 1) an assigned time in a room and 2) an indication that the course is available asynchronously. Sometimes class registration systems list two […]

How do I get started with HyFlex?

As a teacher, your first tasks are to 1) learn about HyFlex, 2) decide which modes of participation your students need, and if they need the classroom and at least one online mode, then 3) design a course that provides those modes. Step 3 is the most challenging, and most of the information, community discussion, […]

What technology do I need for HyFlex?

Basically, you need technology to connect online students to the learning experience and to capture the classroom learning activities (content presentation, interactive discussions, etc.) if you plan to “reuse” those for online students. All students will use the LMS and will need their own technology to connect to the network and use internet applications. Online […]