How do students take tests? Isn’t cheating more of a problem?

In most HyFlx courses, we recommend that all students take the same form of test (in-person proctored, fully online, take home, etc.) in all modes. Using a consistent approach should lead to more reliable and potentially valid results. Cheating is almost always a problem when tests are used to determine student grades no matter the […]

How do you support active learning in a HyFlex course?

Active learning is important in all modes of a HyFlex course. Many faculty and designers are familiar with active learning strategies in the classroom, and most of those may work well in a HyFlex course also. When students join the class live online (synchronous, for example with Zoom), some of the classroom approaches may still […]

What technology do students need for HyFlex?

In most HyFlex classes students do not have to bring their own computing equipment to classes, unless that is clearly explained as a requirement for participation, like a textbook assignment would be. This happens in some disciplines for some classes (like a digital design program, perhaps), but generally not for the class particpation mode, like […]

What are the benefits of HyFlex for students?

Students find that the ability to choose whether to attend and participate in class session in the classroom or online is very valuable. Even when students are not likely to attend class in person (perhaps they live a long way from campus), they report appreciating the option to attend in person if they want or […]

What if no one shows up for in-class instruction?

If no students attend class live in-person, they are letting you know that they don’t value attending class in person as they do online, and that could be for many reasons. Ma y times, students have time or location conflicts that prevent them from being thgere in person. Other times, they may not find the […]

What happens when only a few students show up in the classroom?

In this case, you may be seeing evidence that students find the online option more appealling than the classroom, perhaps due to schedule conflicts, classroom practice, or just about anything else. It is helpful to have a “Plan B” in mind for the live classroom session in case only a few students are present. (It […]