Designing for engagement – what works well for you and your students?

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      Brian BeattyBrian Beatty

      One of the biggest challenges that many experience when designing and teaching a high flex course is finding ways to engage students meaningfully throughout the term.

      One aspect of this is when you have students in the classroom and synchronous online at the same time, how do you engage both sets of students equitably? Do you use backchannels for students to communicate to each other (and perhaps even to you) throughout the class? If so, do you capture these backchannels for students to review later, or for asynchronous students to review and perhaps even comment into?

      Let’s talk about the opportunities and challenges we have, the technologies we can use, and any approaches that work well to connect students across all modes in engaging interaction during the class.

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      Melanie LefebvreMelanie Lefebvre

      Great question!

      For classes with group work, I’ll pair synchronous students together in a breakout room and they can check in with me through the chat feature as needed. I’ve also physically left the classroom to go into the hall and video chat with the synchronous students on my phone.

      If there’s only one synchronous student, I check to see what their comfort is with joining an in-person group via speakerphone or WhatsApp video chat, which they’ve always been okay with.

      For asynchronous students, I provide various suggestions e.g. pair up with another asynchronous student, ask someone in their household to help if possible, email me and request a meeting. Depending on the activity, I’ve had asynchronous students upload video/audio/text of their activity, even if it was done solo which we then circleback to as a class.

      Finally, for asynchronous students, I make sure to summarize key discussion points from the breakout groups and/or ask students to reinact what they did so it can be recorded for all.

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