Fostering Connections with Virtual Students

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      Melanie LefebvreMelanie Lefebvre

      I like to meet synchronously with all virtual students at the beginning of the semester to 1) begin to build rapport and 2) answer questions they may have about HyFlex learning. I find this is particularly important with asynchronous students to help promote connection and inclusivity.

      Throughout the semester, I check in periodically and ask if there’s anything I can do to improve their experience.

      Students have shared that they appreciate this personal touch.

      What kinds of things do you do to foster connections, particularly with asynchronous students?

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      Brian BeattyBrian Beatty

      Melanie, one thing I’ve tried to do recently is to make it even easier for of all my students, perhaps most intentionally the asynchronous students, to contact me to schedule meetings so that we can engage in meaningful conversations outside of the classroom. A tool I find useful is Calendly, which I’m able to use to integrate my online calendar and my zoom account so that students can click a link, see my schedule openings (in a preset range and schedule a short meeting with me. One click and we have an automatic meeting scheduled in our calendars, with remidner emails 🙂

      Not only is it convenient, but it saves a lot of time trying to find the time to meet together. Effcicient!

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        Melanie LefebvreMelanie Lefebvre

        Brian, thanks for linking the app – I hadn’t heard of it before! I love how many creative technologies there are to help make both our lives and the lives of our students more efficient. 🙂

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