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      Melanie LefebvreMelanie Lefebvre

      At my institution, Cambrian College in Sudbury, Ontario, HyFlex includes the following delivery methods:

      1. Traditional face-to-face classroom style
      2. Synchronous delivery, meaning students join virtually in real-time via video conferencing. They can interact directly with their professor and peers using their device’s microphone and camera.
      3. Asynchronous delivery, meaning students work through the weekly content outside of scheduled class time.

      The flexible part means that students can alternate between these delivery options based on their preferences.

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      Brian BeattyBrian Beatty

      Melanie, at San Francisco State our HyFlex courses are quite varied. We follow our academic Senate policy definition which allows a lot of individualization by faculty for specific high flex classes.

      “HyFlex courses are class sessions that allow students to choose whether to attend classes face-to-face or online, (e.g., synchronous, asynchronous, bichronous).”

      Our two fundamental defining characteristics for high flex course are, 1) that there is a face-to-face and at least one online option available for students, and 2) that students are the ones making the choice about their participation patterns for every session of the class. We follow these requirements in all of our HyFlex courses.

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